Motion Controlled Gaming Cube comes to Australia!


Do you love classic games like Tetris, Snake or Gomoku? Do you like spatial brain-teasers, multiplayer challenges and smart gadgets? You can have it all in a box! Rubik’s Futuro Cube is the simple yet ultimate gadget for the 21st century. It’s the one gaming gadget you need!



Touch and Play


Rubik’s Futuro Cube is controlled by movement, rotation, orientation, and tapping. It can vibrate, play audio and dynamically change its LED colours across any face of the cube to provide feedback.

There are many games taking advantage of the innovative controls and the entrancing lights. The Cube also has a built-in radio transceiver, so you can connect two cubes in the same room and challenge your friends.



DSC_5863 copy


Rubik’s Futuro Cube senses movement, rather than touch. Tapping creates small movements that are recorded and classified by software on the Cube. For this reason tapping technique is important, and a little practice and experimentation is needed to tap effectively in the fast-paced games. The taps can actually be quite gentle with careful technique. Not only does the Cube identify which side was tapped, but it can also determine whether that side was facing up, down, or horizontally. This allows rich, hands-on interaction with the games on the cube.






Rubik’s Futuro Cube senses simple gestures based on different kind of rotation patterns. One of them has been chosen for the GAME MENU gesture. This pattern is very unlikely to occur by accident in your pocket or bag, or while you are playing a game. In addition, some games require the cube to be rotated, usually because the top side has a special purpose.





The cube has 9 RGB diodes on each side, for a total of 54 light spot that can produce a huge range of colours. Each of the red, green and blue components of each light spot can be independently set to one of 64 or 256 levels of brightness. Since this can be updated over 100 times a second, the lights can change colour slowly or quickly, and they can flash or fade. This makes for a gorgeous spectacle!







With two cubes, you can challenge your friends to multiplayer games! This is possible because the Cubes can communicate with each other over short distances. Some games (like Multi Cubris) are played in real-time, so you have to be quick, while others (like Multi Connect) are turn-based, so you can think about each move. It is OK to have several multiplayer games in the same room as the cubes don’t interfere with each other.




Development Kit included

Had enough of the pre-loaded games? Write your own! Make complicated games or apps; sound demos; or just light up a single spot on the cube. You have full access to Rubik’s Futuro Cube’s featureseverything that the cube is capable of, you have complete control over!
You can also access a growing library of games and apps that others have made for the cube.




Try the new toy of the Future from Princip

Whether you’re a lover of puzzles; trying to keep your mind active; looking for a thoughtful gift; or want a friendly way to learn computer programming, the Rubik’s Futuro Cube is an excellent choice!

  • Be the centre of attention with alluring lights that can be seen from a distance
  • Own a unique, quirky and distinctive creation (not just a smartphone like everyone else)
  • Sharpen your intellect with challenging puzzles
  • Try to beat others on our online scoreboard
  • Improve your fine motor skills, concentration, and dexterity
  • Create your own games, musical apps, and light shows