Wireless Multiplayer

Your opponent doesn’t always have to be the Cube itself – you can challenge your friends as well! Wireless connection allows two Cubes to communicate at distances of up to 5 metres. Multiplayer mode can be activated with games such as Gomoku, Tetris and Multiconnect.



Motion Control, Light & Sound

Keyboards and touch displays are so 20th century. Rubik’s Futuro Cube comes with something completely new! The Cube can feel when it is rotated, tapped, shaken, and moved. The Cube can express itself through the 9 full-colour light-emitting diodes (LEDs) on each side, as well as through vibrations and audio cues. This creates the possibility for all sorts of games, some quirky and some mesmerising. Games are controlled by taps and gestures, and communicate with the player by showing colours, shapes, varied intensity of light, as well as music, sound effects, and the Cube’s speaking voice. If you can imagine a new game, why not create it, or post a suggestion!



Puzzles & Action Games

Rubik’s Futuro Cube is a game console packed with action games and brain-teasers. It has something to offer people from all walks of lifeyoung or old; tech-savvy or beginner. In our wide variety of games, everyone can find a favourite! Our collection of games and brain-teasers is constantly growing thanks to our firmware updates and third party app developers. When you’ve topped the leaderboards in all the inbuilt games (or just want to spice up your cube), it’s simple to download new games, or you can even make your own!



USB charging

Rubik’s Futuro Cube runs on a rechargeable battery that provides a number of hours of play. To recharge, simply connect to your computer via the standard micro USB cable.



Logical thinking

Some of the games are quite difficult logical challenges that require you to study the problem and figure out the algorithms to solve it. Those who like Rubik’s Cubes will fall in love with Rubik’s Futuro Cube, since one of the many puzzle games available is Rubik’s Cube (3×3). The nature of the Cube’s control and transposition scheme allows novel puzzles that would be impractical to create mechanically. Give Gravity Puzzle a try, it was invented especially for this Cube!



Motor skills

Many of our games challenge your reflexes and motor skills. Some games use a hotspot as a cursorthe topmost LED light is brighter. Other games require you to turn the Cube quickly. Since the Cube responds to taps, not touch, it is important to master your tapping technique, which can be challenging to maintain when the games become fast-paced. This might sound like hard work, but the games are fun! Just like learning to ride a bike or throw a ball, it is a little wobbly at first, but with practice it will become smooth and intuitive.



Spatial memory and imagination

Many game enthusiasts love Five-in-a-Row (Gomoku). Played on the Cube, it becomes even more interesting! Your spatial imagination is not used to working in this sort of environment (the surface of a rotatable cube), which is exactly what makes it fantastic for brain training and mind development. In fact, many Rubik’s Futuro Cube games are based on familiar games; however, when adapted to a cube, they force players to stretch their spatial memory and imagination. A specialty of the Rubik’s Futuro Cube is a game called Dream Quest. This can be played completely with your eyes closed. Everything happens only in your brain. Try the first level and see how you go!


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