How does it work?

The Cube is a mix of cutting-edge technology and innovative design


Although the Cube looks very simple, it is packed with new technology and is able to process data from sophisticated sensors. It can react to motion, gravity, and tapping to determine gestures and react using its 3×3 RGB LED light matrix on each side. Thanks to its quality sound processor, the Cube is able to play sounds, music and voice.


Determine gravity

This feature is used for distinguishing top, side and bottom taps, and for selection with the gravity cursor. Imagine a straight line starting at the centre of the cube always pointing towards the sky. The gravity cursor is placed at the spot on the surface of the cube which intersects with this line. By rotating the cube this spot moves along the cube’s surface, allowing you to easily select any spot you like.



motion tracking

Motion tracking

The Cube tracks its motion through space to recognise patterns that are then used as game input. This feature can also be used in medicine to diagnose motor disorders. The circular gesture that launches the Cube’s menu is also a great example of motion tracking. Parameters such as smoothness, speed, and precision can be obtained from each recognised pattern.





The Cube’s accelerometer can determine when you tap it, as well as what particular side the user tapped, and whether this side was facing upwards, downwards, or to the side. Taps on each individual side can be detected in two waysabsolutely (which of the 6 sides was tapped) or relatively. Relative tapping only discerns three options: taps to the (current) top side, bottom side, or another side.



diode colouring

Diode colouring

Each side of the Cube contains a 3×3 RGB colour LED light matrix, meaning 56 full-colour LED lights in total. Each point can vary in brightness, colour, and can fade or flash, giving us (and you!) many colour options to design games with.






The Cube can play 4 channel sounds and voice-overs. And because it would be too hard to expect people to figure out what the heck a particular puzzle is about, the title of each game is announced by the Cube when it is selected in he menu, and a game overview is spoken if the top side is then double-tapped. Once in a game, music, sound effects, and feedback can be played, and when the game is over the score is announced. The sound volume can be changed or muted by the user.