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It’s all there. Clever three-dimensional versions of Tetris, Snake and Gomoku. Floating Rubik’s Cube. Multiplayer matches. Or you can just let the Cube play music, have some fun completing little challenges or even use it as an indicator of how much you can keep your concentration after a long night… it’s all up to you!


road runner

Road Runner

Keep the Road Runner on the top side. The faster you follow, the faster he moves. If you are not fast enough, he waits for you, but you lose your speed and distance. Try to go as far as possible. You start him by tapping anywhere. ► See it in action




Tetris on a cube. Tap a side to rotate the piece; tap the top to place the piece. If you fill a side, that side disappears; if you create a ring around the cube, the ring disappears. If you do it with same colour, bonus! Remember that the pieces will always appear on the same side, and you have to pick them up by rotating to the top. You can’t fill that side, and it’s wise to start placing as far as possible from that position. ► See it in action




Eat as many apples as you can without biting yourself. The snake turns so that it is always moving towards the top of the cube. Green poisoned apples make you go straight for a while. Unfortunately, you have to eat them anyway. ► See it in action




Try to beat the cube. This is the classic “Five in a Row” on the cubic surface. The special rule is that the two spots on either end of an edge are connected. Remember, you have to confirm every move you make. If you miss the right spot, move the cursor away and try it again. ► See it in action




Try to beat the connecting force of the cube. The aim is to connect any two opposite spots with a path of your colour before your opponent does. Diagonals don’t count. You’ll take turns. After your opponent moves, adjacent spots to his move are forbidden for you.


gravity puzzle

Gravity Puzzle

The Gravity puzzle is a lovely rotation puzzle. If you like the Rubik’s cube, try this. You need to get each colour on its own side. All transfers are made by side tap and top tap. ► See it in action



Multi Gomoku

Five in a row for two players with two cubes. It has the same rules as Gomoku. ► See it in action



Multi Cubris

Have you mastered Cubris for one player? Now challenge your friends! Connect your cubes, and you will receive the same set of pieces to place. Time is ticking and you must survive, otherwise your score is not counted! If you finish faster, you gain some points for your opponent’s laziness… however, what if he placed the pieces slower but smarter? ► See it in action



Multi Connect

This game is for two players with two cubes. It has the same rules as Connect.




Welcome to our musical challenge. Expect lots of practice and try to be precise by hitting the centre of the sides! You have 6 tones available for each rotation of the cube, therefore just playing the full scale can be very difficult. Once you master a complicated piece, share it online! ► See it in action



Ring Dream

This is a very delicate and motion sensitive game for long, romantic evenings. No, actually this is a very easy rotation puzzle that everybody can solve with a bit of time. Just select the ring by rotating the cube and then by tapping, twist the ring. The ring will rotate one spot for each tap. Once every side is only one colour, you’re done! ► See it in action



Gravity Challenge

This game requires a little patience. You only work with the top side and spots falling downwards if there is an open space. Try to tap! You have to collect all the spots of the same colour into a single connected area. Different colours cannot touch. Diagonal connection is not counted. ► See it in action



Dream quest

Ready your brain to serve as a display unit. Each time you reset this game, a new random maze is generated. But you never see the maze! You walk through the maze, by rotating the cube as if rolling it over a table, either forwards, backwards, left, or right. If you hit a wall, the cube will let you know. Find all sound spots and then make your journey from the lowest sound spot to the highest. You have to go in order otherwise you fail your quest. You can play this with closed eyes, but if you open them there is a small hint ready for you. ► See it in action




The classic computer game on a Futuro surface. It makes perfect sense to play this game on a cube, because you can always move it aside ;-). We’ve prepared the mazes, your goal is to move the bricks to the right spots! You change your position by rotating the player on the top and then by tapping on the sides. If you want to take your move back, just tap the opposite side of the player. ► See it in action




Here you will find a great introduction to Futuro Cube for new players. You’ll go through several basic steps that show you how to control the cube and what’s important to know.



Volume Control

You can select audio volume level by selecting 1 to 6 spots like on regular dice. 1 means no sound at all and no vibrations, 2 means no sound and 6 is the highest volume available. Recommended maximum volume is 5.



Transportation Mode

This will switch the cube off completely. You have to plug a USB cable in to start again. To enter the transportation mode, you have to tap three times, not only once!



But wait, there’s more! Head over to the Game Library to explore apps made by other players like yourself!